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Cosette Featured on Rabbittude!

Cosette was featured on Rabbittude’s Visiting Expert page for May 2007. According to Rabbittude‘s dictionary page, “Rabbittude” is defined as: the knowledge of being superior: “I am the bunny!”

This is very true for Cosette.

Cosette eating the recyclables

I will say that I grossly overestimated her weight for her profile. She’s very strong- forcefully nudging me, digging on my back, lifting the puppy pen (which now has 12 pound weights keeping it down), so I assumed she was a lot heavier than she was. But actually according to the last visit to the vet’s, she’s only 4.7 pounds. (Sorry Cos!)

2 Responses to “Cosette Featured on Rabbittude!”

  1. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Cute Cosette … looks about like The Princess, who is also quite Queenly!

  2. Freckles and Deb Says:

    I feel that I have a large helping of Rabbitude myself! Cosette and I have a lot in common!

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