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Cute Bunny, Big Responsibility

Tania Fardella, of 24 Carrot Lane (and the Magic Dream Cottage), has written an article on why giving a live bunny to a child for Easter isn’t a good idea. She lists many things to consider before bringing a rabbit into the home. And, if you’ve done your research and truly believe you’re ready for a pet rabbit, she urges readers to adopt rather than buy one.

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2 Responses to “Cute Bunny, Big Responsibility”

  1. The Bunns Says:

    Eleven bunns here at The House of Rabbits could not agree more!!!

  2. cara Says:

    I agree, they are not good pets for small or medium children. My son, age 11, wanted a bunny. We researched rabbits and adopted a rabbit from Oakland Animal Shelter(fantastic shelter, btw). He lost interest in the rabbit quickly because she needed time to adjst to a new home/people. He had promised to care for the rabbit, so he does. In the meantime, I am in love with this bun and its fantastic! I have a great pet that I don’t have to clean up after!

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