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Vincent: The Rabbit with No Ears

Earless bunny

Named for Vincent van Gogh, who famously chopped off his own ear, Vincent the bunny was born without any ears.

His owner, 16-year-old John Haigh from North Yorkshire, England, had first discovered the earless bunny among a litter of 10 bunnies. All of Vincent’s siblings were born with ears.

Vincent the earless bunny with mother Rosie

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6 Responses to “Vincent: The Rabbit with No Ears”

  1. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Vincent certainly looks bright-eyed!

  2. myhouserabbit Says:

    He kind of looks like a guinea pig to me. In any case, he’s a cutie, ears or no ears!

  3. Georgio Says:

    Hi, in May 2008 and I had two “rabbit ears without” Photos can be viewed here

  4. sharon Says:

    My daughter’s Vincent is a dwarf Holland lop whose mother chewed his ears off at birth. The breeder rescued him, but his brother was not as fortunate. Vinnie (now much larger than any dwarf should be) has been a house-bunny for about 7 years. He has his own room and 2 cats to play with.

  5. oil paintings Says:

    The works done during Van Gogh’s time in Arles are some of the best and the use of brighter colours!

  6. mikedonn71 Says:

    He’s adorable, but in some ways it chokes me up. My baby, Vincent, has both his ears, and sometimes I joke that I’m glad he isn’t going to bite off part of his ears and mail it to his girlfriend rabbit. He’s named Vincent Van Go after you know who. He’s an adorable Dutch with dark grey coloring mixed with snow white. :-(

    I’m glad that this Vincent is being loved. He’s very beautiful.

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