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Easter Bunny Confections

Easter is just around the corner, and hopefully many of you are aware of the Make Mine Chocolate campaign which advocates giving chocolate bunnies instead of real bunnies as gifts. To extend upon that theme, here is a list of other Easter Bunny confections you may enjoy!

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  2. rashmi Says:

    The Easter Bunny was brought to America by the Germans who settled in Pennsylvania. The tradition goes to where the bunny brought good children gifts of chocolates, candy and Easter candy. Children put out their bonnets and the bunny filled the bonnets with the goodies.

    There are many storeis of the Easter bunny traditions that date back prior to Chritianity however the Bonnet one is the most popular.

    Anyways, it really doesn’t matter. Kids of all ages have a great time. One is never too old to go out on an Easter Egg hunt. Easter egg hunts can be customized to the age groups. Have fun and be creative!!!!!

  3. Fine Food Says:

    thanks for that

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