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Feral Rabbits Make Home Under Sydney Harbour Bridge

View from Sydney Harbour BridgeAustralia has been burdened with a wild rabbit population disrupting its native ecology since the 1800s. But now they face yet another rabbit problem in Sydney.

This time, a group of feral rabbits, which started out as someone’s pets that they dumped, is taking over the grassy area under Sydney Harbour Bridge.

While tourists find the furry critters to be endearing, especially as Easter approaches, something will need to be done to stop the family from breeding further.

Feral rabbit population booms in cities have been increasingly more common, as seen in many cities like Kelowna, Richmond, Helsinki and more.

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9 Responses to “Feral Rabbits Make Home Under Sydney Harbour Bridge”

  1. The Bunns Says:

    They are everywhere …. too many breeders, too much show-piece demand, and too many unsuitable kits.

  2. thefluffies Says:

    Poor rabbits :(

  3. rabbit hater Says:

    is this suposed to be cute?

  4. myhouserabbit Says:

    Rabbit hater- if you’re asking that question, I’ll assume you didn’t actually read the post.

  5. Nattus Says:

    Leave the rabbits alone!

  6. rabbit hater!!!!! Says:

    why would you even care about them?
    they are the most feralest animal!

  7. Puppies for sale Says:

    Keep him alone :(

  8. Maggie Says:

    Those rabbits are not feral but I know many people who are and should be diseased for example the idiot calling himself “the rabbit hater”

  9. Glenda Says:

    I’m with Maggie

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