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Rabbit Haven Saves Bunny on Death Row

Protesters of Copper's death sentence

A story about a rabbit scheduled to be put down after biting a shelter volunteer has gathered attention from around the world. Copper the rabbit was living at the Pierce County Humane Society in Tacoma, Washington. A few days ago, he bit a volunteer so severely she needed to seek emergency medical care.

The shelter decided Copper must be euthanized. Although scheduled for death yesterday (Sunday), the unavailability of a vet to perform the euthanasia procedure bought Copper one more day. After an outpouring of protests and pleas from rabbit advocates worldwide, the shelter officials finally agreed today to let Rabbit Haven of Gig Harbor, WA take Copper in as an alternative.

For more info, see:
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2 Responses to “Rabbit Haven Saves Bunny on Death Row”

  1. The Bunns Says:

    They are our closest and bestest rescues!!! Yay Rabbit Haven …………

  2. Waldemar Says:

    Nice 1!!

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