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Rabbit Rescue Spotlight: CottonTail Rabbit Rescue

Mandy Doyle - CottonTail Rabbit RescueAt 21 years of age, Mandy Doyle, a vet assistant from Northford, CT, has already accomplished a great deal. She has rescued hundreds of rabbits over the past five years.

Her organization, CottonTail Rabbit Rescue, is a no-kill shelter dedicated to saving rabbits and finding them loving homes. Although Doyle has had a good adoption rate, placing bunnies in homes every few weeks, she ensures those who don’t find homes with other people will always have a place in her home or at other area rabbit rescues.

Learn more about CottonTail Rabbit Rescue:
CottonTail Rabbit Rescue Website

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  1. Cara Says:

    What a cute rabbit. I am glad all turned out okay for that cute cuddly rabbit. You really posted a nice story here.

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