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Rabbit Fever Official Movie Trailer

The official trailer for Rabbit Fever, a documentary following 6 competitors in the National American Rabbit Convention, has just been released.

Watch it here:

For more information about the movie, see Rabbit Fever’s website.

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4 Responses to “Rabbit Fever Official Movie Trailer”

  1. The Bunns Says:

    We absolutely do not like the whole idea of bunny shows and the breeder mentality and neither do RG and BL. It would be nice to have a show about House RAbbits and the problems with Show rabbits.

  2. My House Rabbit Says:

    Yeah, I take your point. I’ve never been involved in rabbit shows or breeding or anything like that. MHR’s focus has always been on properly caring for rabbits no matter what breed, if they’re mixed or pure. And we always advocate adopting a bun from a shelter/rescue, especially considering how overrun shelters and rescues are with bunnies! Our Cos (a rescue rabbit) is definitely a mix considering her mom was a dwarf and Cos outgrew her quickly and substantially.

    I haven’t seen the documentary yet, but from the preview, it looks like an unbiased glimpse into this world. So I think that would be interesting.

  3. caring for rabbits as pets | Pet Caring Says:

    [...] House Rabbit News – Pet Bunnies Blog ยป Rabbit Fever Official Movie … [...]

  4. Greg Mau Says:

    I saw the movie last night and was very impressed. Try to put aside any bias you may have against rabbit shows and breeders and see this movie if you ever get the chance. Amy Do spent six years of her life capturing and telling the story about a world that few of us have ever seen. It is a very interesting and hear warming story showing that the love of rabbits is normal, accepted, and even prized amongst peers. More impressive than anything were the number of adolescents in the audience that were left inspired.

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