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Rabbit Rescuer Spotlight: Cindi Stutts

Cindy Stutts of Rabbit Rescue and Rehab
Cindy Stutts of Rabbit Rescue and Rehab

Cindi Stutts has been volunteering with Rabbit Rescue and Rehab, New York City’s HRS chapter, for 15 years. Due to her efforts, more than 3,600 rabbits have been saved from euthanasia and have been placed in good homes.

Not only does Stutts personally screen people looking to adopt bunnies, she also ensures that she or one of her 30 volunteers will follow up with new owners after the adoption to make sure everything is going well.

According to bunny owner Abigail Aldridge, Stutts has “made a lot of people happy by helping with the adoptions and bringing the rabbits and the people together, and she is dedicated to this all on a volunteer basis.”

For more information about Stutts and Rabbit Rescue Rehab, see:
Rabbit Rescue and Rehab Website

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4 Responses to “Rabbit Rescuer Spotlight: Cindi Stutts”

  1. Bre Says:

    Can I let my pet rabbit free ? I have 2 get rid of him wouldnt he b happy being free thank you.

  2. My House Rabbit Says:

    Hi Bre,

    Although it may seem like the right thing to do, letting your bunny free generally would lead to an unpleasant demise- either through starvation, disease, or succumbing to predators.

    If you’ve called all your local shelters and cannot find a place for him, here are the House Rabbit Society’s tips on finding a new home for your bunny yourself.

    Good luck!

  3. Kylie Says:

    Oh I bet it is quite an experience to volunteer in such a great project for animals. I am a bunny lover and such a fulfilling on my part to provide my bunnies everything they want especially food, rabbit hutch, and care how much more if you are with a rabbit rescue and rehab where you get to help a lot of rabbits?

  4. medyum Says:

    very sweet rabbit thanks

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