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Pre-Holiday Sale at Wabbit Works

Wabbit Works, maker of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet, is having a pre-holiday sale of $5 off hay boxes and $5 off shipping if you order now. If you have free reign bunnies in your home, this hay box is a very good addition to your current setup. It greatly reduces mess, the hay stays dry and clean (eliminating a lot of waste), and you don’t have to keep replenishing the rabbit’s hay throughout the day.

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Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet

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4 Responses to “Pre-Holiday Sale at Wabbit Works”

  1. pam Says:

    I didn’t see any $5 hay boxes. Maybe I should look again…. Nope.

  2. My House Rabbit Says:

    Sorry, typo! $5 OFF hay boxes. I fixed it in the post. :)

  3. Kaninfamiljen Says:

    Do they come in XXL as well?

  4. rabbits for sale Says:

    GEEEZ! Those are some HUGE bunnies! How adorable!

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