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Calling All British Rabbit Owners


The University of Bristol’s School of Veterinary Sciences is conducting a study of how rabbits are cared for in the UK.

According to Dr. Emily Blackwell, a member of the research team: “We are keen to hear from rabbit owners about all aspects of their rabbit’s life as very little is currently known about the way pet rabbits are kept in the UK. We want to know where rabbits live, how they behave, what they eat and how healthy they are, as well as how they interact with their owners.”

If you live in the UK and own a rabbit, go to to complete the survey. Everyone who fills it out will have the opportunity to win 100 pounds.

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2 Responses to “Calling All British Rabbit Owners”

  1. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Love the new header pix!

    Glad I’m not a brit. Most of us trying to lose 100 pounds!!!

  2. My House Rabbit Says:

    Haha! Thanks, RG! :)

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