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Special Needs Bunny Receives Prosthetic Device

Rabbit with prosthetic bucket

Haviva Lush, founder of Rabbit Rescue, Inc. and daughter Anika help Pipkin with his new prosthetic bucket. Photo by Graham Paine/Canadian Champion.

Special needs bunny Pipkin was taken in by Haviva Lush,  founder of the Canadian charity Rabbit Rescue, five years ago.  Pipkin was born with several issues: his front legs were splayed, he was missing a hip joint, and one hind leg was shorter than the other (and was later amputated).

Yet despite all this, Pipkin’s temperament remained surprisingly happy.  So when the opportunity arose to be fitted with a prosthetic bucket to help stabilize him and keep him upright, Pipkin was a great candidate.

The device was created by Dr. Joyce Olynich, a Toronto-based vet who specializes in prostheses. It was the first prosthetic bucket made for a rabbit in Canada.

To learn more about Pipkin’s story, see InsideHalton.

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3 Responses to “Special Needs Bunny Receives Prosthetic Device”

  1. Miss Kitty Says:

    What a special bunny. I hope he’s with a family who give him all the love he deserves.

  2. paw Says:

    its wonderful to know there are people out there who care about bunnies so much! it gives one hope

  3. welovebuns Says:

    It’s very sweet that someone has taken the time and made the effort to care for this bunny!

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