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Best Bunny Photos of 2011

The fans of My House Rabbit submitted some fantastic photos of their bunnies to the site over the past year. We compiled a few highlights:

Fuzziest Feet:
Rabbit stretched out
(Submitted by Dilara G.)

WhiskieRabbit in bag
(Submitted by Robin S.)

Hide and Seek Champion:
Rabbit feet
(Submitted by Sara L.)

Best Bunny Slipper:
Lionhead rabbit
(Submitted by Mindy)

Most Vain:
Rabbit looking in mirror
(Submitted by Eleni M.)

Best Lion Roar:
Rabbit Yawn
(Submitted by Elda M.)

Best Treat Beggar:
Rabbit looking up
(Submitted by Hayley H.)

Happiest Camper:
Rabbit camping
(Submitted by Cherie C.)

Fuzziest Helicopter:
Lionhead rabbit
(Submitted by Erenay D.)

Longest Tongue:
Rabbit sticking out tongue
(Submitted by Kendra P.)

Most Disapproving Napper:
Rabbit sleeping
(Submitted by Ariana J.)

Stuffed Animal Lookalike:
Rabbit and stuffed animal

Best Sweater:
Rabbit in sweater
(Submitted by Louise L.)

Best Animal Disguise:
Elliott Rabbit in frog costume
(Submitted by Ashley S.)

Best Bedhead:
Agatha Lionhead rabbit sleeping
(Submitted by Bethany B.)

There you have it: Our roundup of cute/funny rabbit photos of 2011! Hope you enjoyed them.  Thanks to everyone who submitted pictures.

To see more adorable rabbit photos, check out our Photo Gallery and our Facebook page. If you would like to submit photos to the site, email them to



5 Responses to “Best Bunny Photos of 2011”

  1. Virginia Says:

    These are adorable…..Gotta love the bunnies.

  2. Heather Says:

    I got a sugar high from all the sweetness in these pictures. A.D.O.R.A.B.L.E.

  3. Mindy Says:

    Oh thanks for picking Blossom. All the bunnies are sooooo cute!!

  4. June Says:

    Awww !!!! lots of beautiful bunnies :-)

  5. masterofboots Says:

    They are all so adorable! Makes me want to rush home and hug my own bunnies

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