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Two Rabbits Rescued from Recycling Bin

Two lop-eared rabbits

Rescued rabbits with vet assistant Fiona Prentiss. Photo by Richard Crease.

Dave Bedford, an employee at a recycling bank in Bournemouth, England, was shocked after he unlocked and opened a bin meant for household electrical items.

Two grey lop-eared rabbits were staring back at him from the bottom of the bin. Bedford called his wife who rushed the flea-covered, bony rabbits to a nearby veterinary office for medical treatment.

The bunnies are now recovering and being cared for by veterinary assistant Fiona Prentiss.

For more info, see: Bournemouth Echo.

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3 Responses to “Two Rabbits Rescued from Recycling Bin”

  1. the bunns Says:

    .. ought to toss the doopid hooman in there and see how they like it. Yay for Fiona …

  2. Cheryl Says:

    It takes no time at all to take the unwanted bunnies to a rescue center or the vets rather than throwing them away like trash! What a bloody heartless coward!

  3. Mladen Says:

    For me it is hard to imagine someone could be that cruel to abandon domestic rabbit in trash! These animals have got used to life in home, and they would surely die out there alone. They have lost most of his instincts, so any cat or dog could kill them.
    Fiona is my hero!

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