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Bunny Gardening Started Early at MHR


Here at My House Rabbit headquarters in New London, CT, the unseasonably warm weather has resulted in some fresh treats for Coco and Cosette. (It was 70 degrees today!)

Since we also had a very mild winter, some of the lettuce that I started last fall survived through the winter months and then flourished once I covered the bed with some garden fabric.  So for the past few days the rabbits have indulged in freshly grown romaine, carrots, and dandelions (ok, so actually I just plucked those from our yard… but we also have a pot of intentionally-grown dandelions that are currently thriving).  I’m going to experiment more with extending the growing season next year by using a cold frame and making more use of my garden fabric on the raised beds.

Anyone else harvesting veggies for their bunnies now?


2 Responses to “Bunny Gardening Started Early at MHR”

  1. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    No. Global Warming has bypassed the Pacific Northwest this spring. Dandelions are doing well though. Lettuce looks great.

  2. EverythingBunnies Says:

    My bunny, Mocha, loves dandelions! I just love Mocha so much. I have a blog about bunnies. Your blog is awesome and helpful. Thanks for sharing!


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