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Cost of Pet Ownership Infographic

The folks at and Humane Society Silicon Valley put together a helpful infographic outlining the lifetime costs of pets.  It’s so important when you decided to adopt a pet rabbit or bonded pair into your family, that you are willing and able to shoulder the costs.

See how rabbits compare to other pets:

Lifetime Costs of Pet Ownership Infographic

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4 Responses to “Cost of Pet Ownership Infographic”

  1. The Lifetime Costs of Pets (Infographic) Says:

    [...] to My House Rabbit for sharing this infographic from about the cost of keeping a pet.  I don’t think I [...]

  2. Rabbits' Guy Says:

    Well – you can always not do the treats … at your peril. (I’m surprised they don’t toss in the social cost of the endless loss of your self-esteem as you try and try to please them – to no avail …)

  3. Bunny Boy Says:

    I happened to find this awesome blog and followed it!
    Was hoping that in return you would check out and follow my blog.
    Bunny Hugs,
    Bunny Boy

  4. Louise Blake Says:

    Great infographic! I cannot believe how much dogs cost – It’s lucky I have only have one. My mum had three at one point – I don’t know how she coped financially now.

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