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Adele the Agility Rabbit

Adele is one special bunny!  Watch a video of Adele the Agility Rabbit clearing some high hurdles below:

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6 Responses to “Adele the Agility Rabbit”

  1. Ashley Says:

    Cute! Those were some pretty high jumps for a bunny! Pretty neat! :)

  2. Iris Says:

    Wow, very Good! Beautiful rabbit, but at 1:11 he looks a bit anxious with his nose going that fast.

  3. Alli Says:

    Wow!! Look at Her Go!! :D

  4. the bunns Says:

    Will jump (HIGH!) for treats!

  5. Margarito Maski Says:

    adele is wonderful. You should see the cover Mike Peralta did of set fire to the rain too. Its so good.

  6. Rabbit Hutches Store Says:

    That bunny is adorable! Where did you get that pretty harness from?

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