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Revised Edition of Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits Available Soon

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant SpiritsMarie Mead’s Rabbits: Gentle Hearts, Valiant Spirits, a beautiful book filled with uplifting stories about rescued rabbits, has gotten even better!  A revised edition, being released this month, contains five new stories and two new articles.

From the author:

The impetus behind the revision is the excellent article titled “Modeling Love and Respect for a Classroom Rabbit,” written by elementary teacher Cheryl Rosemary Abbott. It provides interesting, down-to-earth guidance for teachers—and parents—about introducing children to a rabbit, bunny-proofing, rules for everyone’s safety, and the all-important issue of role-modeling love, respect, and responsibility.

You can purchase the book from the publisher or from Amazon.

To learn more about the book, visit:

Nova Maris Press
Celebrating Rabbits

Free Rescued Rabbit Cards

Thursday, March 31st, 2011

Betty from Rescue Glamour Shots designs free, downloadable greeting cards, calendars, and more featuring photos of rescued rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, and hamsters.  The idea is to create fun products while spreading the word about various rescue organizations. You can find all the available designs on the Rescue Glamour Shots downloads page.

If you are associated with a rescue, you can even send in a photo of one of your adoptables and Betty will design a card with your rescue’s web address on it!

Free, downloadable card from Rescue Glamour Shots

Sketchy Easter Bunnies

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

The Cheezburger Network has launched a new seasonal site devoted to photos of um… interesting… Easter bunnies.  You know what I’m talking about- we’ve all seen them at the local malls. Even though actual bunnies are quite cute, there are (and have always been) a ton of creepy/scary-looking Easter bunny costumes out there…

Enjoy: Sketchy Bunnies

Sketchy Easter bunny

Vote for Eames

Friday, January 14th, 2011

A couple years ago, we posted about a wonderful bunny enclosure that was custom created to match the stylish decor of the owner’s home and provide a cozy home for a bunny named Eames.

Now Eames is a star again!  You can vote for him in a photo contest by Modernica with the theme: Pets on Furniture.

Eames, Charlotte, and Hippo

Eames the bunny on a Panton chair with Charlotte the cat and Hippo. Photo by Nicole.

Vote for Eames at: Modernica Furniture

Product Review: Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet

Friday, August 6th, 2010

When we switched from store-bought timothy hay to a locally-grown timothy hay-orchard grass mix from a farm, we realized there was one disadvantage.  The hay was more tangled together than the store-bought kind, and Cos, being very greedy/possessive of her food, started running away with large clumps of hay in her mouth. The hay got all over the carpet, and it was a big pain having to constantly clean it up.

Enter the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet.  We recently acquired this durable (but lightweight) hay feeder from Wabbit Works.  It’s actually large enough to hold a substantial amount of hay, unlike the hay feeders available at the pet store.  This feeder caters to a rabbit with a proper hay-based diet.   It keeps the hay contained (so no dragging large clumps out of the litterbox anymore), and it fits next to a litterbox.  (We actually have three small litterboxes surrounding it because our rabbits seem to like having options.)  There is less waste because the hay stays more or less in the feeder rather than being sat on in the litterbox.

Cos eating out of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet
Cosette eating out of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet.

Coco eating out of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet
Coco takes his turn.

Coco eating out of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet
Cos gets jealous…

Cos and Coco eating out of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet
and joins him.

Cos and Coco eating out of the Screwy Rabbit Hay Buffet

Being Top Bunny

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

I get a lot of emails describing the same scenario:  Bunnikins has taken to hopping on the sofa and peeing on it. It’s a frustrating situation and one that has happened in our household as well. I remember after the third time it happened with Cosette a few years back, I had picked her up and put her in her cage.  (She still had a cage back then although it was always open.)  I closed the cage door and closed the kitchen door where the cage was located.  But even in the other room I could hear her thrashing around in the cage trying to break free.  For a rabbit who detests being picked up and despises even more being cooped up in a cage, this was the greatest insult.  I felt bad locking her in – and I did let her out  again after an hour -  but after that time, she never peed on the sofa again.

I later came across an incredibly useful article on the House Rabbit Society website which helps shed light on this behavior and suggests ways to train your rabbit.  The article is called “FAQ: Training,” and under the heading “Behavior motivated by social structure,” it delves specifically into the peeing on the couch problem.

Anyone who is experiencing this issue should read the article.  The entire article is actually very enlightening as well- covering various issues that most bunny owners will come across at some point.

Cos and P.A. Smith
Cosette with co-editor P.A. Smith  in 2006.

Have an Amazing Rabbit Rescue Story?

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

The Great Animal Rescue ChaseCalling all bunny rescuers: If you have an amazing bunny rescue story to tell, there’s a new website that wants to showcase it.  The site, the Great Animal Rescue Chase, is focused on bringing together a worldwide community of animal rescuers, sharing rescue stories, and inspiring more people to get involved in animal welfare.

The aim of the site is to highlight stories of rescues taking place all around the world of a wide variety of animals.  Currently, they’re a little short on bunny stories.  So if you have one, please share!  If you register on the site, you can upload your photos and type in your story directly.

The site also sponsors a monthly giveaway, where winners can direct a gift to their favorite animal charity.

You can also donate to the site’s charity partner, the Harmony Fund, which sponsors a number of noble charities across the globe.

For more info, see:

Hummingbird in hand

Side note: I helped design this website and worked closely with the organization’s founder, Laura Simpson.   She is a very inspiring animal advocate, and I think her passion shines through on the site.  She also owns a very cute bunny named Norman, who is featured on the site’s sidebar!

Hey There Big Ears! Rabbit Photo Competition

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

Rabbit getting ears is sponsoring a rabbit photo competition with the focus on big, beautiful ears.

Take a picture of your bun with his/her ears being measured, and upload it here. Aside from appearing in the competition gallery, your rabbit could be featured as a Star Bunny on the Audrey Rabbit Blog.

Rabbit Photo Contest for UK Residents

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Do you live in the UK and own a pair of photogenic bunnies? If so, you should enter Rabbit Awareness Week‘s contest to find the cutest bonded pair of rabbits to be the faces of their campaign.

If you win, your bunnies will appear on all the RAW 2010 promotional pieces, and you’ll receive a prize package that includes: a professional photo shoot for your rabbits and two canvases of your favorite shots to take away with you, one year’s free Petplan insurance for both of your furry chums and a year’s free supply of Burgess Excel Rabbit food, a Molly Mansion Rabbit Hutch courtesy of Cagex and a year’s free subscription to Rabbiting On.

Enter the contest at the Rabbit Awareness Week website.

A Window into the Wild

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

Rabbit in window

Students at Fremont Middle School in Fremont, Nebraska were surprised by an interesting view when they entered their social studies classroom. A wild rabbit had created a burrow in the snow right next to the window.

For more info, see The Fremont Tribune.