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Rabbit Stamp Exhibition

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

Bunny Wonderland at the Singapore Philatelic MuseumOn view at the Singapore Philatelic Museum until January 1, 2012 is Bunny Wonderland, an interactive exhibition all about rabbits.

Visitors can learn interesting facts about rabbits while admiring stamps from around the world that feature bunnies.

To learn more, see the Singapore Philatelic Museum website.


Rabbit Stamps

Canada to Launch Rabbit Stamp

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Canada rabbit stamp

In celebration of the upcoming Year of the Rabbit, Canada Post is launching a beautiful new stamp January 7, 2011.  The design, which emulates a Chinese embroidery style, features the front part of a rabbit hopping behind the feet of another. When the stamps are side by side, they line up so the rabbits “chase” each other in the chain.

For more info: Canada Post

Teeniest Rabbit Sculpture

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Tiny rabbit figurine by Chen Forng-shean

If you use a microscope, you can just barely make out a rabbit eating a carrot in a resin figurine created by Taiwanese artist Chen Forng-shean.  The sculpture, made in honor of the upcoming Chinese Year of the Rabbit, is .02 inch long and sits atop an eye of a needle.  It’s 1/20th the size of an average grain of rice. It’s also delicately painted.

When Chen Forng-shean isn’t creating teeny tiny sculptures, he works at Taiwan’s Central Engraving and Printing Plant as a money printing plate designer.

For more info about the miniature rabbit sculpture, see: NTD Television.

To see more of Chen Forng-shean’s work, see: International Exhibition of Calligraphy.