My House Rabbit

Cute House Rabbit Videos

Below are a few cute rabbit videos. Please be patient as they load. If you have fun bunny clips that you would like to share, send them in and we'll include them here!


Marshmallow eating a treat/tearing it up

Brody attacks a boot

Black Jack opens the closet door to get his food

Feeding frenzy

Oyster grooms Shana

Bunny Blue plays in the snow

Hoppel digs dirt onto Niki.

Mara the dog pets Rampage the rabbit

Buka opens Christmas presents early.

Zuul attempts to remove a carrot from a paper bag.

Nosferata (Nos), a mini-rex, claims the bed as her own.

Nos tries to get some oatmeal. (Don't worry- she didn't get hurt...)


Nos expends some energy.

Nos discovers her reflection.


Madonna, a white lop, eating and lounging.

Cosette, a dwarf mix, grooming (New London, CT)


Charlie chases a carrot toy (Rochester, Kent, England)

Midnight and Velvet playing with owner Karen (Bethlehem, NH)

Midnight and Velvet jumping on owner John for petting (Bethlehem, NH)

Dwarf bunny Misha and cat Caesar having fun one evening (East Lansing, MI)

Stolen dandelion: Coco & Cosette eating (New London, CT)